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If I Could Do Just One Mere Perfect Thing, I'd Be Happy

23 September 1979
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31 yr old blogger, Amateur Grant Writer/International Affairs hack/Thinker, and former Peace Corps Volunteer. I expect to be moving to NC, possibly next month. I laugh, cry, drink coffee, play my guitar, and wax poetic. I like to think of myself as a one man traveling museum, collecting little bits of the world and life in everyone I meet and everywhere I go. Sometimes I collect the "junk" and sometimes I hit gold, but at least I can say I did something with myself other then feed into the corporate mind suck that is being "average".

I'm a spiritual person and I'm also a Christian, but I don't really like the word "religious" as it's heavy on dogmatism. I don't preach to anyone nor do I like the Jerry Falwell's and James Dobson's of the world and their narrow and usually bigoted views of people. I usually keep my religion and my secular life private and I like it that way. I'm also a pacifist and might call myself somewhat liberal, though labels are usually faulty.

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playing guitar is love
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"War is a profession by which a man cannot live honorably; an employment by which the soldier, if he would reap any profit, is obliged to be false, rapacious, and cruel."-Niccolo Machiavelli

"All you need is Love" - John Lennon

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